by Chris Harris

I walk the tightrope between darkness and the light You know it keeps me on my toes While, in the shadows, things are lurking out of sight And what they are, nobody knows I want to know I seek encounters with the weird and the strange I go in search of the arcane For people living with their senses rearranged Have we abandoned the mundane? I want to know Each revelation brings me closer to my goal To find the fundamental truth Excitement filling every fibre of my soul Soon, I'll track down that final proof I want to know Yet all the evidence I've gathered in my quest No more substantial than a wraith On close examination, nothing passed the test Should we just take this all on faith? I want to know
Witness 04:36
What if I told you the proof that you're looking for is hidden right under your nose? Folk will spin stories to gain themselves glory But I'm not like any of those I know you're thinking I'm not to be trusted and buddy, I know how you feel But this opportunity's a bona-fide hit And I want to cut you in on the deal I've got access to things you don't know of 'cause I have powerful friends They're going to give you the story you're after If the means justify the ends I swear that what I'm telling you is from the highest of sources the highest of sources You just have to pay my witnesses, and it's all yours... I'm not someone who needs to have money to get what I want day to day But if you're not willing to donate to my funds, I'll find someone else who will pay I swear that what I'm telling you is from the highest of sources the highest of sources You just have to pay my witnesses, and it's all yours...
Seeker 04:28
Let me introduce myself; my name is Indrid Cold I'm here to offer you advice, if I may be so bold I'll open up your vision to the mysteries I hold Regaling you with fables, and legends yet untold You'll have to work this on your own We'll only ever speak by phone You'll see what's living at the edges of our lives Beware the Deros - ancient evil still survives Watch for the saucers that still navigate our skies But mark your witnesses as those that peddle lies Their promises worth less than dust I am the only one to trust I care not if you don't believe the things I say You wouldn't understand what I am anyway But if you're willing to let things fall as they may Your great adventure can begin right here, today Start by establishing the facts You'll find your answers in the stacks...
The Stacks 03:23
A photograph of bigfoot A set of pristine sasquatch tracks Accounts of hairy ape men You're going to find them in the Stacks This place is a goldmine If you know what you're looking for Hiding from the headlines All that you need: Concrete evidence, and more A lock pick owned by Houdini Parcels secured with sealing wax A passkey into the future You're going to find them in the Stacks This place is a goldmine If you know what you're looking for Hiding from the headlines All that you need: Concrete evidence, and more The case files of Agent Mulder A totem to ward off troll attacks and even a chupacabras You're going to find them in the Stacks This place is a goldmine If you know what you're looking for Hiding from the headlines All that you need: Concrete evidence, and more
Mister Fort 03:49
Whilst I was walking round the town I chanced upon a gentleman You hold in some renown And much to his and my surprise He showed me wonders 'til the scales fell from my blinkered eyes One measures circles starting anywhere The things that startle he finds everywhere He's Mister Fort The New York Public Library Became a treasure chest When he showed it to me He told such tales I'd never dreamed Until I realised that Nothing's as it seemed (Chorus) He doesn't trust the sky above He thinks our liberty We're undeserving of He says our owners live above our heads If we but knew it, We'd lie quaking underneath our beds (Chorus)
Palomar 04:18
In the 1950s, flying saucers were the thing And of all his fellow contactees, Adamski was the king He'd written science fiction tales of journeys to the stars But switched to selling photos of a ship that came from Mars From the frozen rings of Saturn to a shack in Palomar The story George came up with was his wildest one by far Of all the people in the world, the aliens chose him - forgive me, but his credibility seems rather thin. He met them in the desert, just a few miles from LA but where he said they'd come from sounds impossible today From the molten hell of Venus to the slopes of Palomar the people in the saucers made old George a superstar Adamski met with royalty; he said he'd met the Pope The message that he sold was one of fellowship and hope But as his claims grew stranger, people finally saw the truth: Evidence of something doesn't always count as proof Photographs of saucers in the skies of Palomar Or simple cardboard cutouts? I can guess which ones they are...
Harmonic 04:50
Cold War at its coldest, tempers running high Towers on the sea bed, saucers in the sky Mystery on mystery, no one in the know Line Harmonic 33 is lurking deep below... Pilots swapping stories, sense of disbelief Someone, somewhere surely knows about what lies beneath Can you solve the puzzle of the bombs that don't explode? Line Harmonic 33's exerting its control... Yet another artefact that's wildly out of place Do we share the oceans with an undiscovered race? Remnants of Atlantis are hidden in plain sight Line Harmonic 33 will bring them all to light...
Deros 04:15
Minotaur 03:08
There Exists a darkness At the back of my mind Where I build mazes To keep it confined This mental labyrinth, constructed on my own Each step I take inside leads further from the known The monster's eaten all the breadcrumbs that I've sown Can I escape a prison made of flesh and bone? We Have reached the moment Where the truth is revealed I'm No longer certain What is fiction or real
Sasquatch 03:50
A life in wartime of sudden death Where did this woman draw her last breath? Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? Why did she have to die? Somebody knew the answer But they weren't saying why An undercover agent heading for a fall? We couldn't understand The writing on the wall Music halls and teachers, and passions of the heart Or spies and entertainers - I don't know where to start All these decades later the story's just the same We don't know where she came from We still don't know her name
The less that you consider it the more you think it's true Knowing that you're right is just a thing that humans do We like to think we're special we like to think we're strong The last thing we'll admit to is the chance we might be wrong Bias is more dangerous in those of high renown The more they're told they're incorrect the more they double down Arguments aren't rational Confusing lies with truth And nobody concedes a fault confronted with the truth Don't confuse a quest for truth with something more unkind You need to be prepared to be prepared to change your mind
What's that knocking at the door? Whose footsteps pace across the floor? What face is hidden by that hood? And who is lurking in the woods? How did a mongoose learn to talk? Do you believe the dead can walk? Are you who you appear to be? And are we really property? What happens to us when we die? And what's that strange light in the sky? Where did my best pencil go? The truth is, I don't want to know...


This album is inspired by the work of Charles Hoy Fort (1874 - 1932), famed iconoclast, researcher into anomalous phenomena, and inspiration for the Fortean Times magazine, to which I have been a subscriber for over three decades.


released April 1, 2018

Recorded Under The Bed

Dedicated to the Gang of Fort


all rights reserved



Chris Harris Bristol, UK

I'm still trying to get the music I record to sound like the version I can hear in my head. To do this I've ended up playing every instrument I can get my hands on. These days, I'm closer to "That Sound" than I used to be, but the journey continues.

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