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Oneiric Tulpas

by Chris Harris

His greatest triumph is what led to his defeat The world has watched his fall Humiliation every hour, on repeat The TV news reveals it all The bitter truth unfolds and now he's close to tears The fantasy he sold has long since disappeared The stories that he told were full of lies and fears But now he's not so bold; he knows his downfall's near His stable genius is increasingly at sea But he'll claim he chose to sink Outmanoeuvred by a thing he cannot see He cannot tell it what to think He let it all get out of hand Says he's in charge, but can't command Now they all know that he's not up to the task He missed his chance to succeed When he revealed what there is behind the mask 'cause all there is, is greed
Aftermath 04:44
The party's over, at least for now They knew it was stupid but they did it anyhow Complete disaster, but they're calling it a win Grabbing what they can before the jackals can move in On the street and on TV Masters of kleptocracy Loudly crowing victory despite the fact they lost Brought up to be in command None of them can understand The line that we drew in the sand is well and truly crossed You bet I'm angry - you would be too If you could see how those in charge just haven't got a clue But they're all happy; they won't have to pay the price Who cares if the country burns, their hedge fund's looking nice The rich and powerful all share a single lie Working hard was not the way they built their fortune by I want to see a world in future that is fair But that will only happen if the wealthy pay their share
Hideout 04:01
TV pundit, angry at the wrong apocalypse It seems the end times he predicted took an unexpected twist There's a reason that I'm nowhere to be seen I understan exactly what those warnings mean I've got a secret lair And you can bet I'm staying there You'd better think again if you think it's the end of days The good news is the Earth continues to spin on its merry way Despite the talking heads all saying things are bleak Armageddon won't be happening this week So put your plans in place for further down the line When this is over, you'll be glad you spent the time In my volcano, I'm as cool as I can be A prime location to hide out from all of this insanity
Your imagination has more power than it seems Creates realities inside your head Pushes things to their extremes Who's to say that your creations will stay insude your mind's regime? My oneiric tulpas will manifest within your dreams One moment please... When the things that you are dreaming are not entirely your own and you can't puzzle out their meaning or their significance alone You may have conjured up my presence if it's my company you seek Before they dim in evanescence My doppelgangers are unique Conjured up from nothing To nothing it returns You might think that I'm bluffing But you've got lots to learn Calling up my double With independent form Might get you into trouble Be ready for the storm When this most shallow of depictions Takes on existence of its own It leaves the realms of science fiction Becomes a thing of flesh and bone And so remember if you see me Walk down an unfamiliar street It might be something else entirely Who you are just about to meet Please stand by...
Repeat your slogans as good citizens and true Reactions all predicted, what you think is known Never voice dissent or they'll be coming after you How sad that you believe your thoughts are yours and yours alone The next satanic panic, reds under the bed Democracy is reeling from each hit and run Don't need your approval, just a rising sense of dread Consent is manufactured, paranoia's how it's done If you think using propaganda here's absurd You do not understand its role In making sure our view of truth is ever blurred Unquestioning obedience the goal Take your place in the bewildered herd That's how they keep you in control Repeat the narrative 'til it becomes the truth Pretend the fiction is the real You can tell folk anything when they don't look for proof You simply have to show them what to feel Look at the story that they're selling and as yourself, what does it lack? Would it be more or less compelling if you had access to the facts?
Right now it's been a week since I last heard your voice The situation isn't one that I'd be in by choice Not knowing what the future holds has brought me low It seems like normal life took place a century ago Is it really so outrageous asking people to be smart? When no one knows who is contagious we have to stay six feet apart Even though it breaks my heart When people think they're healthy even when they're not It's all to easy to give other people what they've got Still others that I see believe the whole thing isn't true They clearly don't know quite as much as they pretend they do People only see the value in the things that go away We tell ourselves that we know we will get them back someday This time I'm not so sure that this will turn out to be true The only thing I'm certain of is I am missing you
You found illuminati on the dark net You want mysterious? Well, this is what you get Now you're hearing voices in your headset and seeing extra letters in the alphabet Anticipating madness at the outset Communication via ouija board and planchette Have the drugs you've taken started kicking in yet? Well, they're about to... Now that you're enlightened, Bavaria is always on the line They've got a chicken in control And the chicken's doing fine You can't escape, don't try to change the subject The chicken's work is always checked, and then it's rechecked But you're at liberty to see yourself and inspect an undertaking that is the closest thing to perfect Now watch this presentation on the project As you can see, there's nothing there for you to reject Perhaps you thought this would be weirder than you expect? Well, you were right to... You must accept the chicken has become king To face the future and the benefits that it brings Can't you see there's going to be an upswing? Reject the shackles of the past to which you now cling! So what if we've become the chicken's plaything? There's plenty time left for us all to have a last fling Until it realises who is pulling its strings And it's about to...
I guess I'm in the stack: circling, and waiting to land Too late for turning back Trust my controller has got the slot I need in hand We might have taken flight But there's a point we reach When we must come back down Have the runway in my sight, but fuel's running low I want to land this kite But I've one more circuit to go round Then I'll turn on my landing lights And I'll be good to go The things we think we need Don't always arrive when we need them Down to BINGO fuel and speed We'll only survive if we heed them Glideslope lined up on the dot Feels like I've sat up here for years Just making do with what I've got Coming back to Earth before it disappears
Shingle Froe 04:48


These are strange times. And I'm not just talking about music in 7/8.

What started off as an album of songs about the disconnect between politics and real life suddenly moved from being satire to reportage. Then my friends started dying and things stopped being even remotely funny. This album is the angriest I've ever made.

For those of us still around, life got put on hold; as I write this, it still is. I hope that when these days have become history, we don't forget that they helped us to realise just how immensely precious our links with each other are. Even when we're in lockdown, we are not alone.


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Chris Harris Bristol, UK

I'm still trying to get the music I record to sound like the version I can hear in my head. To do this I've ended up playing every instrument I can get my hands on. These days, I'm closer to "That Sound" than I used to be, but the journey continues.

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